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  • Oye! Mirch Kickstarter has been successfully backed!

We are proud to introduce new products that are uniquely blended , have a tantalizing flavor and taste that is unrivaled in today’s market.

After a successful introduction of some superbly delicious Chutneys (Zesteez available online at Amazon, Jet, Walmart, Indigofaire, Shelfmint & some regional grocers), our resident chef and founder Shruthi Bharathur will soon be introducing three hot sauces that could be used as a dip or a finishing sauce. These sauces will be featured on Kickstarter soon and we would love to have you as our prospective backers to see this project to fruition.


These 3 unique sauces are Hot (aka Mirch) but do not singe your palate, slightly tangy and enchanting in taste, Each of these add exquisite flavors to any cuisine and will instantly want you to crave and call out Oye! Mirch (Hello Chili!). Our inspiration is the pot pourri of flavors and tastes that dominate the cultures and cuisines of world and so beautifully represented in the wonderful region of sunny SoCal!



We hope that you will be curious enough to come back and visit us or stay updated by subscribing to our updates including the product names/ flavors / kickstarter options!

Email: info@zesteez.com


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