Oye! Mirch translates to “Hello, Chili!”! Inspired by our South Asian roots, these eclectic sauces will delight and entice your taste buds with a treasure trove of flavors. Our sauces are derived from and inspired by the bold Asian and Latin American cuisines which will spice up your dishes with palatable heat. Made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients in small batches, our products are carefully crafted to maintain freshness and optimal flavor.

After a successful introduction of some superbly delicious Chutneys (Zesteez available online at Amazon, Jet, Walmart,Faire, Shelfmint & and several boutique and super markets nationwide), our resident chef and founder Shruthi Bharathur will soon be introducing these delicious hot sauces that will be made available on both Click Mortar & Brick n Mortar sites. Humbled and energized by the fantastic response to her recent successful Kickstarter campaign, she is working hard on making her sauces available on all platforms.


These 3 unique sauces are Hot (aka Mirch) but do not singe your palate, slightly tangy and enchanting in taste, Each of these add exquisite flavors to any cuisine and will instantly want you to crave and call out Oye! Mirch (Hello Chili!). Our inspiration is the pot pourri of flavors and tastes that dominate the cultures and cuisines of world and are so beautifully represented in the wonderful region of sunny SoCal!



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